5 awesome things for students to do in Kingston


Being at University isn’t all hard work. Well, it is a bit (quite a bit), but that doesn’t mean that you will have your head buried in a book, barely able to come up for air for the next three years. Yes, there will be times that you have to study incredibly hard BUT… there will be downtime too, when you can let your hair down and enjoy yourself!

In fact, there is scientific evidence to suggest that taking a break from your work actually improves productivity. So, there you have it, you’ve no excuse not to take some me-time and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of beautiful Kingston.

As a resident of one of the most beautiful towns in Greater London, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to things to do. Kingston has a wonderful blend of city living but, with an edge of country about it. If boutique shopping, funky galleries and cool clubs are your thing… happy days. But, if you prefer to get off the beaten track and commune with nature you can do that too. AND, as Kingston is perched right on the bank of the Thames you can indulged in some water based fun too! You have, as they say, the best of both worlds. Here are our favourite ways of killing a few hours in Kingston to get you started…

  1. Visit David Mach’s iconic sculpture, ‘Out of Order’. It’s basically 12 telephone boxes falling down like dominoes, it’s pretty great! Although the residents of Kingston don’t seem to agree and have been petitioning for its removal since 2000. You’ll find it on Old London road just a short 10 minute stroll from One Penryhn Road.
  2. SHOP…! OK shopping might not be your thing, but as Kingston was once a market town the shopping district is centred around a quintessentially ancient English market square, which alone is worth a look. If it’s the actual shopping you’re there for, Kingston has everything you would expect from the high street PLUS a lot of amazing vintage shops. If you and your companions get a little weary then why not duck down a back street and enjoy a sit down in one of the many bars and cafes you’ll discover down there. Oh, and it’s all pedestrianised which is even better!
  3. Do the Kingston walk. You’d be very surprised if a town that was awarded Royal status in 1208 and was where Henry VIII called home wasn’t steeped in history! This fun walk allows you to dig a bit deeper and find out more about the history of this ancient town and its famous residents. Starting at the Church Gates in the Ancient Market Place (behind the Market Building)  the map costs just £5 per person – no need to book.
  4. Dragon boat racing – taking place in July, this is one for the diary for the summer. Kingston comes alive with Chinese Dragon boats, and the crazy people that are rowing them, with the day culminating in an exciting 6 boat final! It’s a charity event that raises thousands of pounds every year AND it’s really really good fun.
  5. Live music in a music shop with it’s own label…! Banquet Records down on Eden Street often plays host to live bands actually in the shop. You’ll often find a queue around the building for band signings AND as its the go to destination for vinyl in the area, Banquet Records attracts music lovers from miles around. Definitely worth a visit even if it’s just to soak up the old school record shop vibe.

This list barely scratches the surface of all the cool things you can do in and around Kingston. We’ve not even mentioned Richmond Park, Hampton Court Palace, Ham House…. There’s only one thing for it, you’ll have to join us in Kingston and discover it all for yourself.