Affordable student accommodation in London this summer


Whether you’re visiting on vacation, you’re here on an internship or as part of a summer language course, or you’ve arrived in the city early ahead of the new academic year starting in September, there are many reasons why you may be in London this summer.

And although you might have your reason for being in the city, you might not know where you’re going to stay during your time here yet. You could stay in a hotel which can be a lovely luxury for a night or two, but if you’re staying for a longer period of time, it probably isn’t the most practical option as it can soon become very expensive. You could instead stay at a hostel. There are lots of hostels available in the city and it’s a much cheaper option and certainly won’t break the bank. However, sharing with others and staying in a hostel isn’t for everyone.

So, what if there was another option? One that offered the comfort, quality and privacy of a hotel, but didn’t burn your budget in the process? Well, if you’re visiting London, you’ll be pleased to hear there is; student accommodation.

Here at One Penrhyn Road, we provide accommodation to students during term time while they study at the local universities and colleges. But when the summer term ends, the majority of our students vacate in June, and our rooms become available through July and August for students like you to stay in before our new residents move in for the start of the new academic year in September.

So, what’s it like living at our student accommodation at One Penrhyn Road?

1. Location

Nestled in the heart of the beautiful Kingston upon Thames, One Penrhyn Road is ideally located for anyone who needs to be in and around London this summer. It’s just a stone’s throw away from the popular bars, restaurants and shopping districts of this bustling market town, and the town’s riverside location with meandering tow paths and its Royal Parks provide plenty of outdoor places to escape to when the sun’s shining. And with Kingston station only a short walk from our accommodation, you can jump on the train and be in Central London within 30 minutes.

2. Cost

Staying with us at One Penrhyn Road is the perfect solution for affordable London living throughout the summer months. We have private, self-catering studio rooms available starting at £215 per week – that’s less than £31.00 a night; which makes it’s much cheaper than a hotel, and can even be cheaper than a hostel in London. The less money you spend on accommodation, the more you’ll have to go out and experience the city!

3. Choice

Not every student’s reasons for staying in London are the same, and neither are their requirements for accommodation. That’s why we offer a variety of options to suit your needs. From Premium or Deluxe, to Deluxe Plus Studios, we have a number of room types available for you to choose from. And if you don’t have it with you, we can even provide bedding for a small cost, so you haven’t got to worry about bringing it with you.

And whether you’re visiting for a short period of time or the whole of summer, we have flexible contracts available so you can stay with us for as long as you need to (1 week minimum stay applies).

4. Facilities

At One Penrhyn Road, we offer much more than just a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. We have a 24/7 staff presence on-site, free 100Mb Wi-Fi and we also offer a variety of on-site facilities for you to use throughout your stay including a games area with pool table, and communal lounge area with a large TV and comfy seating. You’ll also find an on-site laundry room with washing and drying facilities available for a small cost.

So, no matter your reason for visiting London this summer, make yourself at home with Host at One Penrhyn Road in Kingston. Learn more about living at One Penrhyn Road and our summer accommodation, or contact us on +44(0)20 3770 9119 or at to make a summer booking.

Need a place to stay in London for summer?


Summer is here and exams are finished, which means sunshine and ice-creams! But as much as we love them, there’s more to summer than just that. So, how will you be spending your time during the summer months?

London has so much to offer, and with university finished, there’s no better time to explore in and around the city than now. Do all of the touristy things you’ve wanted to do but not yet had chance to do, discover hidden gems to take your friends to when term starts in September, or use London as a central base and venture to the other corners of the country.

And whether you’re simply enjoying your summer break in London, continuing your studies, or even working in the city, why not stay with us here at One Penrhyn Road?

We have summer accommodation available in the beautiful area of Kingston – a historic town located in south-west London and situated on the picturesque River Thames. A place where you can escape the hustle and bustle of Central London, but still reach it within 25 minutes by train when you need to.

Our accommodation at One Penrhyn Road gives you the convenience and flexibility you need to enjoy yourself over the summer months. Whether you need a place to stay for just a few weeks, or perhaps the whole of summer, we have a range of Studio rooms – all with a private en-suite bathroom and fully fitted kitchen, available now right through until the 3rd September.

Starting to like the sound of it? Well, that’s not all. One of the best things about our summer accommodation is you can stay with us for as little as £178 per person per week – that’s just £25.43 a night! Plus, all of your bills are included in that price – even the Wi-Fi and internet!

And when you arrive back to us after a busy day out exploring, working or studying, you can relax and unwind in our modern and spacious social spaces. Put your pool skills to the test in the games area, catch up with your friends in the common area or watch the latest TV shows from the comfy seating area. Fancy a night out? One Penrhyn Road is just a stone’s throw from Pryzm nightclub and Kingston’s main high street. Not to mention Richmond Park, London’s biggest open space for you to enjoy on a sunny day.

Our doors are open to all students this summer – even if you’ve not stayed with us before. If you’re a student already living with us, why not extend your stay through summer, or visit another city and stay at one of our other halls? Whether it’s work or play, we can accommodate you.

To find out more about our summer accommodation, or to book, please contact our onsite management team today on +44(0)203 770 9119 or

Ravens Ait Outdoor Cinema


Fancy a trip to a secluded island this summer? Then look no further than Ravens Ait in the Thames, London. OK, so it might not be the Maldives or Seychelles – and we can’t guarantee the weather, but we’re quite confident you will still have a fun and unique experience at Ravens Ait Outdoor Cinema.

From sing-along classics such as Grease and Mamma Mia, to action packed new releases such as Deadpool and Star Wars: Force Awakens, with 6 different films showing, there’s something for everyone to enjoy this August. Not only will you get to experience some of the greatest movie stars on the big screen, but your cinema booking also includes a boat ride across to the island, and a bean bag and headphones for you to sit back and relax in.

Tickets cost just £16 each, and even though films don’t start until 9:00pm, the island is open for you to arrive from 6:30pm. The BBQ will be lit ready for some pre-cinema snacks and the bar will be open to wash it all down with, and of course, what cinema trip would be complete without some popcorn or sweets! So, what are you waiting for? Get together with your friends this summer and make an evening of it.

For more information, a full list of showings and to book your tickets, click here.

Your summer travel guide


With university finished until September and the sun shining, that summer feeling has well and truly kicked in; and the need to travel is a must. With so many options out there, every budget is catered for and excitement and adventure is everywhere…

The UK
From the beaches of Devon and Cornwall, to the mountains in the Lake District – now is the perfect time to explore the UK. With the weather at its best, why not go camping? Pay £20 for a pop up tent – no strings attached, and can get yourself a night under the stars without breaking the bank. Don’t forget to use your rail card to get the best fares (no brainer).

Looking further afield? With Europe on the doorstep and cheap flights galore, now is the time to take advantage. Classics such as EasyJet and Ryanair can whisk you away to places both known and unknown. Keep your searches as flexible as possible to find the best deals available, and if you haven’t heard of the destination, simply Google it. Sometimes, low cost carriers keep the cost down by flying to secondary airports in major cities – so, if you have never heard of the city, have a quick look on Google Images because you never know what you might be missing out on (Podgorica, Lublin, Linz, Palanga).

The World
Want to go global? …Well, let’s not hold back. For the simple price of 1 day of your life, you can travel to Australia Or India… Or Japan… Or Brazil! In fact, you can fly (almost) anywhere in less than 24 hours, and with websites like Skyscanner at your fingertips, you can find the cheapest way to get there. Again be flexible with your search, traditionally, Fridays/Saturdays/Sundays can be a little bit more expensive to fly (but not always). Also be flexible on your route and who you fly with to keep the cost down. Quite often long haul flights stop and change enroute, and it is usually very cheap (or free) to extend your stopover by a few days or weeks. If you’re heading to Australia, popular stopovers include the Middle East and South East Asia, while common stopovers for New Zealand are Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Fiji. Hey presto, you just got a two for one holiday!

Oh and one more thing, don’t wait for last minute flights for two main reasons. Firstly, it will probably sell out and you’ll be going nowhere, and secondly, you could end up paying more (much more!). Most airline prices are based on availability, so when the availability decreases, the price increases (supply and demand). Real last minute bargains are hard to come by (very hard), so don’t leave it late and get your hopes up.

There are a billion tour companies out there who can spend all summer showing you the very best of wherever you are, but for a good old fashioned adventure – let your walking feet lead the way, follow your nose and find your own way.

And if you’re looking for a home away from home, try Airbnb for your own pad, or Hostelworld for a dorm or private room and (usually) breakfast!

Whatever you do and wherever you do it, you’re going to have a great summer. But remember how quickly time flies when you’re having fun, and before you know it you will be back to uni. So, enjoy the summer, and don’t forget that preparation is key; look after yourself and you’ll be in great shape to tackle the next year of study. Wear sunscreen, eat fresh and colourful foods, drink plenty of water and get some quality sleep – this way you’ll not only look good, but you’ll feel good too.

One Penrhyn Road is a great location to get the very best out your student life. If you would like to find out how you can join them, please call us on +44 (0)20 3770 9119 to arrange a viewing.