Student sport in Kingston

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Sport is often a big part of student life – whether it’s rugby, netball, swimming or simply going to the gym. But one of the most popular sports in the UK is football.

So, how many of you are big football fans? Do you enjoy watching a match on the big screen down the local pub with your friends? Maybe you prefer watching from the comfort of your own home or in the communal areas at One Penrhyn Road? Or, perhaps you’re someone who braves the chills of winter to experience the game first hand and support your local team from the side lines! Regardless of where you watch the match, it’s always great to be part of the action and atmosphere of a good game of football.

And as a student living in Kingston, there are so many opportunities for you to get involved with the popular sport yourself. You can join the local university team or the local Sunday league, have a knock around in the park with your friends or head down to the local pub to watch a game. You can even watch a match live in London. Why not head over to see Wimbledon AFC v Lincoln City play in the FA cup this weekend (Saturday 4th November)?

Now you know how to get involved in the sport, one of the toughest decisions you might have is deciding who you’re going to support for the season. Here at one Penrhyn Road, we know who we’re supporting…

This year Host have teamed up with Kingston Uni Football Club (KUFC) and we’re proud to be sponsors of the team’s kit. I think you’ll agree with us that they look great! We look forward to seeing them in action and following the team through the football season. We’d like to wish KUFC the best of luck from all of us at Host!

KUFC Mens Football Kit

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