5 things to do in Fresher’s Week


Starting university this September? You’ve probably heard about Fresher’s Week and all the hype that goes along with it. However, it can be overwhelming at times, so we’ve pulled together some top tips on how to make the most out of your experience.

1. Meet new people


Starting university and not knowing anyone can be quite terrifying. But you shouldn’t let this worry you too much – remember, most students will be in exactly the same boat as you and will be hoping to make friends quickly too.

So, whether it’s people on your course, in your accommodation, at university events or even whilst you’re in a queue, don’t be afraid to start up random conversation with others. They’re probably be feeling just as nervous as you and will be grateful of the chat!

2. Sign up to societies


Joining societies is a great way to meet new people and if you’re all part of the same society, you know you’ll have at least one thing in common with each other! And Fresher’s Week is the perfect opportunity to sign up to a whole host of different societies and clubs.

Don’t just stick to something you’ve tried before or are good at, try something different or unusual, push out of your comfort zone. Sign up for as many things as you fancy and then after a few sessions you’ll soon know which ones you prefer and want to stick with.

Having an activity to get involved with is also a great way to relax and unwind after working hard at university.

3. Get out and about


During your first few weeks at university it’s important to get out and explore the city. Don’t worry if you’re a bit nervous about going out, it’s only natural. It can be a scary time for any fresher because you’re in a new place and are still getting to know people. So, try to familiarise yourself with the new area and get to know your away around.

Travel the route to university, find the nearest food shops and sample some of the local restaurants and bars. You’ll soon realise there was no need to worry and you’ll know the place off the back of your hand!

And whilst you’ve got the time, why not be a real tourist? Check out some of the city’s top attractions and landmarks and really get to know the place that will be your home for the next few years.

4. Be organised


Fresher’s week will be pretty chaotic but it’s not all about societies, partying and drinking. They’ll be some important introductory things for you to do at university such as registering and collecting your student ID, receiving module timetables and reading lists, attending subject-specific introductory talks and meeting your personal tutor.

It’s a good idea to get these things done and dusted with as soon as possible so that you haven’t got to worry about them for the rest of the week. It’s also a good idea to make sure you have everything ready for when lectures and the hard work starts – from stationary and books, to laptops and lunch boxes, because it won’t look good when you turn up for your first day of lectures unprepared and having to borrow a pen!

5. Find out what support is available


Although you may not need any support right now, it’s worth finding out what help is available to you throughout the year – and the entirety of your time at university, should you need it.

Universities have a variety of different departments and staff on hand to help offer support and advice on things such as money, careers, mental health and wellbeing, learning difficulties and religion, should you ever need it.

It’s important to remember that you’re not alone and if you’re experience a problem or have something on your mind that is worrying you, you should always speak to someone.

We hope that you enjoy Fresher’s Week and life at university. Remember to enjoy yourself and make the most of your time as a student!

Kingston Freshers’ Week 2016


You done it; you got the results, you’ve moved in and now it’s time for the fun (and hard work) to begin! And as a fresher in Kingston, there’s plenty for you to see, do and enjoy. Along with enrolment and other activities your university has scheduled for welcome week, here are two events you won’t want to miss…

Freshers’ Ball: Thursday 22nd September
Every year there’s a Freshers’ ball for students in Kingston and it’s one of the biggest nights of the week – so make sure you add this one to your calendar. This year’s ball is at Przym nightclub in the centre of Kingston, and there’s a circus theme too!

With special guest DJs, a magician, circus entertainment, face painting, a photo booth and much more – it’s sure to be a night to remember. Oh, and don’t forget to dig out your fancy dress costume to really get in the party spirit.

Freshers’ Fayre: Thursday 22nd – Friday 23rd September
The biggest Freshers’ fayre in the South East returns to Kingston this September and it’s definitely one not to be missed. Taking place over 2 days the Kingston Hill Campus will be taken over by local restaurants, shops, nightclubs, and companies who will all be handing out freebies for you to get your hand on!

You’ll also be able to find out more about university life and what options are available to you as a student in Kingston – including the societies and sports clubs you can join, how to become a course or student representative, opportunities to volunteer and student jobs, plus much more.

And if all of that wasn’t enough to tempt you to visit then how about some free pizza? The fayre is being sponsored by Domino’s, which means free pizza for everyone!

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