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With freshers week done and the first semester in full swing, your daily routine will have changed as days fill up with lectures, classes, study sessions, assignments and revision. And as for the nights, if you’re not relaxing and taking a breather from your studies, you’re more than likely socialising and catching up with friends. These new and busy routines can affect your sleep patterns and limit the amount of hours you have to sleep.

But getting enough sleep is vital if you are to succeed through your studies; sleep is food for your brain. Without sleep, your performance, productivity and memory can be affected which will make it more difficult to concentrate, listen and learn. Below are a few ways you can improve your chances of a better night sleep.

Take a walk
It’s been found that regular exercise can improve the quality of sleep by up to 65%. So, whether it’s a gentle stroll to university or a fast-paced aerobics class at the gym, daily exercise will help you sleep better and also make you feel more alert during the day.

Avoid caffeine
Caffeine (which is found in tea, coffee and soft drinks), is a stimulant which can disrupt the body’s internal clock and temporarily prevent you from feeling sleepy. This makes caffeine the perfect remedy for getting you going in the mornings, but it’s best to avoid it later in the day and before bed, or you’ll find yourself wide awake at night.

Turn the lights off
The body secretes a natural hormone called melatonin which helps us to sleep; when it’s dark the body produces even more melatonin – making us sleepier. So, turn off the lights, turn off the TV, and put the phones and tablets down and you’ll be in for a much better night’s sleep!

Set an alarm
Even if you have no lectures planned or it’s the weekend, staying in bed all morning (or all day), will make it even harder for you to sleep that following night. So, set an alarm for a reasonable time to wake up in the mornings to keep your body in a regular sleep-wake cycle.

Following these few tips will promote better quality sleep, but if that’s not enough to help you get a good night’s sleep then how about a room at One Penrhyn Road? Here at One Penrhyn Road all our luxurious studios have a purpose built study area as standard and our students are able to take advantage of our clean and airy communal study areas. To find out how you can join our thriving student community please contact us today on +44 (0)20 3770 9119 for more information and to make a booking.