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Undeniably, December is an indulgent month for many and quite often in more ways than one. You’ve probably eaten too much, drunk too much and ultimately spent too much. So why not start the year right? Be savvy with your money and make savings where you can, whilst still enjoying yourself.

1. Preparation is key


If you’re trying to eat healthier this month, planning your meals in advance is one of the best ways to ensure you stick to your diet goals. Work out what you’re doing for the coming week and which days you’ll need lunch and dinner, decide what you’d like to eat and then head to the shops and stock up. Whether it’s salads, sandwiches, pasta dishes, pies, casseroles, currys or roast dinners, having food ready to cook specific meals means you’re less likely to pop to the shop and reach for the convenience foods or order a takeaway.

2. Don’t join a gym for the sake of it


Many people claim they will get fit in the New Year and so they automatically join a gym. But within a few weeks (if not sooner), they find themselves paying for a gym membership that they’re not even using. So, don’t jump on the gym bandwagon if you’re not 100% sure the gym is for you, as you’ll only be throwing money away. Why not contact your local gyms and find out whether they can provide you with some free day passes to try out the facilities before you commit? Most gyms will run offers at this time of year so when you’re ready to join, be sure to check for any discounts or freebies that may be running. And don’t forget, the gym isn’t the only way to keep fit. Go for a run, play a game of football with your friends or take a cycle around the city.

3. Shop around for coupons


In January, people often avoid eating out to not only watch their waistline, but also their wallet; which is good news if you’re planning on dining out this month. Many restaurants, pubs and bars know this is the case and so offer extra discounts to encourage people to dine with them. So before you eat out, take a look on the venue’s website for any coupons or check out sites such as VoucherCodes or Vouchercloud for a variety of discounts. And it’s not just eating out – shop around for discounts for days out and things such as cinema tickets and bowling.

4. Shop the sales (and earn some extra money too)


Whether it’s a new coat for the cold, new trainers for the treadmill or some new tech for uni, shop around and bag yourself a bargain in the sales. High street stores and online retailers have slashed their prices on all sorts of items with huge discounts to be had. And if you’ve got any unwanted Christmas gifts, why not sell them on sites such as eBay or Gumtree and earn yourself a few extra pounds to treat yourself to something you actually want in the sales?

Making savings and spending less than anticipated is a great way to start the year. These tips aren’t just useful for January, they’re useful to bear in mind all year round.

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