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Traditionally Chinese New Year for many One Penrhyn Road residents is about jumping on the train to Central London and exploring all that Chinatown has to offer for Chinese New Year, but with lockdown that’s not possible this year.

That doesn’t mean you should forget about it, why not celebrate at home? With the year of the Ox upon us, it’s time to get celebrating Chinese New Year with a night in.

So, the question is how can I celebrate the year of the Ox on a student budget?

Get decorating.

A big part of a traditional Chinese New Year is decorating your home. Now obviously you could just Amazon Prime a few decorations and decorate your student room but how about taking some time out from those zoom lectures and get all arts and crafts for an afternoon?

This video will guide you through the process of making a traditional lantern:

While this YouTube guide will help you make an Ox wall decoration:

Cook up a Chinese New Year feast.

With several supermarkets on your doorstep; including Asian specialist Longdan just a 10-minute walk away you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to preparing a Chinese feast in Kingston. But what about those of us who want something easy?

Well, we’ve taken a look online at what some of the local supermarkets are offering and from Tesco’s range of Chinese inspired ready meals to Sainsbury’s Chinese takeaway in a box there’s just about something for everyone.

Good old M&S have a limited edition Year of the Ox box, which includes Beef in a black bean sauce, chilli beef, rice, noodles and spring rolls for you to delve into!

While ASDA Good living has a full guide to creating the perfect night in.

Of course, you could be even smarter (or is that lazier!?) and just order a delivery from your favourite Kingston Chinese takeaway!

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