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Something you don’t often see on a British high street are modern art installations. A good one can brighten the area up. And add a little something to what can otherwise be dull and uninspiring…

Well Kingston is a little different.

Within a 10-minute walk of One Penrhyn Road; on Old London Road you will find one of Kingston’s most famous landmarks. The quintessentially British, red telephone box. Except in this case there are 12 of them and form an amazing art installation that fall to the ground like dominos.  

This art installation is known as “Out of Order” by David Mach has now been in place for over 30 years and has become a tourist attraction of its own right. The piece was commissioned by the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames council and was originally unveiled on December 19th 1989.

Why telephone boxes?

Mach is today known for his huge outdoor installations using materials that people would recognise in everyday life and when asked about his reasoning behind Out of Order 30 years ago he said:

“I didn’t like the idea that they [telephone boxes] were going out of service. It binds the UK together, a very British thing and I used them in a stranger way. It’s iconic. They are the best icons for this country. The design is so great and the colour is so great. Because of the Britishness of them, it can go anywhere.”

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